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Quality American parking brake cables competitively priced and available for quick shipment


Top quality and American made parking brake cables are available from Bruin Brake Cables on ebay and Amazon.

Parking brake cables don’t last forever. Even if you don’t use them, time and the environment, sped on by inclement weather, conspire to erode and corrode the cables and connectors that make up a parking brake cable. That’s why automotive engineers recommend replacing a parking brake cable every 50,000 miles.

When you decide to replace your parking brake cable, you’ll probably bring the car into an auto repair shop. They’ll call their local auto parts store and order the cable. Unfortunately, auto parts stores don’t dedicate as much room to parking brake cables as they do to motor oil.

There’s a good chance the parts store will have to order the parking brake cable from its warehouse. It’s the same situation if you decide to replace the parking brake cable on your car yourself.

The parking brake cable will probably come from a warehouse somewhere here in the U.S. But, that’s just a weigh station. Its origin is almost certainly China, India, Mexico or South America – anywhere but in the U.S. It was manufactured where labor is cheap and quality is equally suspect. But what choice do you have?

Actually, you have quite a choice; you can order a quality American made parking brake and it will ship by the next business morning. If you’re in a hurry, with expedited shipping, you’ll have it almost as quickly as the inferior foreign cable from an auto parts store.

To suggest that foreign parking brake cables are inferior isn’t mere hyperbole. Bruin Brake Cables, the American maker of quality parking brake cables, tests all of the parking brake cables they sell. More than 99 percent of the cables pass the test.made-in-usa-certified

At Bruin Brake Cables, they also frequently test their foreign competitors’ parking brake cables. To date, approximately 90 percent of those foreign parking brake cables fail the test. That’s alarming considering that the other name for a parking brake cable is emergency brake cable. The inferior foreign parking brake cables have been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, as with other government agencies, the NHTSA moves slowly.

Bruin tests parking brake cables at 1,200 foot pounds for 10 seconds. Many of the foreign cables fail when there is a sudden drop in pressure indicating that a fitting has slipped. Others fail more dramatically. In fact, it’s not unusual for one of the inferior foreign parking brake cables to explode into pieces, some at no more than 400 or 600 foot pounds.

Bruin Brake Cables are made to precise specifications. The lengths are guaranteed to meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. While this level of quality is expected to cost more, that’s not the case. Bruin Brake Cables stand the quality tests at prices competitive with the inferior foreign brake cables.

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