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Tell your auto repair shop to buy American emergency brake cables on ebay: they work in an emergency

Made in USA or imported auto partsMost auto repair shops purchase their auto parts from an area auto parts store where they have an account. Once the account is setup, they don’t give much thought to the process; when a part is needed, they call and a delivery driver shows up sometime later with the part, assuming it’s in stock. As it turns out, this isn’t the best arrangement.

Emergency brake cables are not frequently used because most people don’t have emergency situations where they’re trying to avoid an accident every day. But, when that time comes, it’s imperative that the automobile operate properly. Unfortunately, we can’t always count on that. For instance, brakes can fail. Sometimes, the emergency situation is caused because the brakes fail. A driver suddenly discovers they can’t stop.

When a car’s brakes fail the backup system is the emergency brake cable. This is one of the last purely mechanical systems on a vehicle. There is a lever, or a pedal, inside the car that you use to activate the emergency brake system. When activated, a cable applies the brakes. Or, at least, that’s the plan. But, the emergency brake cables sold in auto parts stores will, at best, give you a 50/50 chance that they’ll work properly.

Some emergency brake cables sold in auto parts stores will stretch when applied. Others will snap. Tests have shown that, on a good day, half of the imported emergency brake cables sold at auto parts stores (and virtually all the emergency brake cables sold at auto parts stores in the U.S. are imported) will fail. On a bad day, 9 out of 10 cables have failed the pressure test.

Brake cables are tested to 1,200 foot pounds, depending on the design. Many of the imported brake cables explode out of the testing equipment at only 150 foot pounds.

The alternative is to purchase American made emergency brake cables. Chinese and foreign auto parts manufacturers dominate the shelves at auto parts stores. As auto parts suppliers, they so completely dominate the shelves that they’ve effectively blocked the sale of the last American manufactured aftermarket emergency brake cables from U.S. auto parts stores. But, those cables are available.

For those who prefer to buy American made, this is a win-win situation. The emergency brake cables are manufactured by Bruin Brake Cables of Fox Lake, IL. So, they’re American made and they work.

In the same tests where the imported brake cables fail half the time or more, the American made Bruin Brake Cables pass the tests approximately 99 percent of the time. As they owner of Bruin Brake Cables puts it, “We manufacture an auto part that can save your life. There’s no room for shortcuts or inferior quality.”

While some may say, ‘But the auto parts store is right here,’ that doesn’t mean they’ll have your emergency brake cable right away. Often, there is a day’s delay as the brake cable is shipped from a warehouse. Auto parts stores simply can’t stock emergency brake cables for every type of car.

When you purchase an emergency brake cable from Bruin Brake Cables at ebay, the cable is often shipped that day to arrive the next business day. Even if you had to wait for another day, do you really want an imported emergency brake cable that might not work in an emergency?