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You DIY with your pickup truck, but what about the emergency brake cable?

f150_DIY parking brake cableYou’re not like all these other folks rushing off to some grease monkey every time they have an issue with their car; you maintain that pickup truck yourself. You replace the alternator when it goes bad, you climb under the truck to replace shocks, exhaust parts and anything else it needs. You scoff at those who don’t want to get their hands dirty. And, of course, you change your truck’s oil yourself and on schedule. But, what about the emergency brake cable?

From your way of thinking, putting 200,000 miles on a pickup is just a good start. You also realize, however, that proper maintenance is essential to that kind of reliability in a vehicle. The key is ensuring that the reliability extends to every aspect of the vehicle, including and especially your ability to stop in an emergency. Considering, when is the last time you replaced the emergency brake cable?

When you talk about the mileage you put on your truck, you’re not just talking about the normal kind of driving someone does going to-and-from work; you’re talking about real miles – on road and off. Pavement and concrete are optional in your world. These hard miles, of course, make that adherence to maintenance schedules all the more important.

Even if you only drove your truck on nice, smooth pavement the oft-neglected emergency brake cable would rust and corrode. Over time, it would freeze up. The likely hood that it would break in an actual emergency would increase.

Considering the cost of emergency brake cable, it’s low-cost insurance if your brakes ever fail. And, since you know how to work on your vehicle with your eyes closed, the time you spend replacing the old emergency brake cable is nothing.

Assuming you’re convinced, the next question is ‘Where should I go for my new emergency brake cable?’ Thankfully, there is an American manufacturer of emergency brake cables in the heart of the United States. Bruin Brake Cables is in Fox Lake, IL. Their brakes cables are easily accessible online by visiting their ebay store.

No doubt, you’re also the kind who prefers to buy American. And that makes purchasing your emergency brake cable from Bruin an extra bonus. But, there are other reasons you’d rather purchase your emergency brake cable from Bruin. One reason is price – the Bruin Brake Cables are essentially the same price as the imported cables. The other reason is quality.

Tests have shown that the imported emergency brake cables have a better than 50/50 chance that they’re defective straight out of the box. This is not surprising. The foreign companies, with a focus strictly on profit, cut corners. As a result, cable ends are known to pop off new cables when tested. Some fail at such low pressure that it’s sadly laughable.

Bruin Brake Cables pass the same tests more than 99-percent of the time. It’s almost as though Bruin Brake Cables were made with DIYers, such as you, in mind.